Our club is one of the most active service organizations on campus. We are dedicated to providing a wide variety of service opportunities to a large number of students. In order to best serve the needs of our members and the community, we plan a broad range of service projects that reflect the diverse interests of our members and the various needs of the community. If you would like information on a project not listed here, or more information on a project that is listed, please contact a board member.

The Aidan Project


The Aidan Project is one of Circle K's largest and most well-known projects. The project has received both single service awards from the Indiana District of Circle K as well as awards at the national level. For the past several years, hundreds of volunteers from both the South Bend community and the University of Notre Dame have come together to create blankets for cancer patients across the country. The Aidan Project has been featured by the Office of Public Affairs and Communications and by The Observer.

Center for the Homeless


For over 30 years, the South Bend Center for the Homeless has helped members of our community break the cycle of homelessness. Guests of the center, upon arrival, receive hygiene and clothing items, a personal coach, counseling services and more. CKI members can assist with afterschool programs, serving meals, job training and education. Other opportunities include afterschool programming, serving meals, job training, and Fun Fridays. 

Dismas House

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Started at Vanderbilt University in the 1970s, Dismas House was set up as reentry program that gives students the opportunity to assist, mentor, and tutor former prisoners as they make a safe, stable, and sound transition back into the community. In 1986, after an internship in Nashville, a Notre Dame student brought brought the idea to South Bend and the South Bend Dismas House opened its doors.

Hannah & Friends

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A nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for children and adults with special needs, Hannah & Friends provides youth and adults with disabilities day programs and after school activities ranging from music to art to Zumba. Volunteers can assist with the basketball program, the animal club, music time, and more. Started in 2003, the organization continues to educate the public on the importance of awareness and compassion especially for people who have unique needs. Hannah & Friends was founded by Charlie and Maura Weis and was inspired by their daughter Hannah.

La Casa de Amistad

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While helping local students with homework, volunteers at La Casa de Amistad are given the opportunity to serve as role models to young children. Volunteers instill students with self-esteem and a positive outlook for the future through education and self-respect. Speaking Spanish is not a requirement (although not a detriment!). Projects include assisting with a dual language Pre-K program, citizenship classes, and English classes. 

Robinson Community Learning Center

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The Robinson Community Learning Center (RCLC) is a data-driven educational initiative sponsored by the President's Office at the University of Notre Dame. Local students and residents visit the RCLC to take part in educational and relationship building activities. Circle K mentors that visit the RCLC help tutor young students and become positive role models for them. Here's a two-minute video made by RCLC beneficiaries discussing the merits of the organization.

St. Mary's Convent

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For over 175 years, the Sisters of the Holy Cross have joined the global Holy Cross community in serving the people of the world. Headquartered on the campus of St. Mary's College, the Sisters serve across four continents and have a vested interest in eight countries. Circle K members visit St. Mary's Convent to spend time with nuns, assist with logistics, and organize their library. Alongside regularly scheduled programming, members also assist with community events such as volunteer dinners and holiday parties. Many students return with a greater understanding and appreciation of life from another perspective.

Turning Over a New Leaf

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Turning Over a New Leaf is one of Circle K's signature projects for the fall semester. It is a great opportunity to get off-campus and help out the residents of South Bend. Every year, members of the South Bend community sign up to have volunteers help rake their lawns, and many members of Notre Dame's student population come out to aid our non-ND neighbors.